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New cool web sites for Jeeves

by Sasha Vinčić May 31, 2010 09:27 AM
Valentine Web Systems are proud to deliver a nice looking website with more multimedia, languages and possibilities with a simpler way to manage content. Everything powered by the most secure CMS, Plone.
New cool web sites for Jeeves

The new public website of Jeeves

For the leading supplier of ERP systems - Jeeves Information Systems, only the leading CMS, Plone, is good enough. Valentine Web Systems have delivered two websites. The first is targeted at investors where it is important that press-releases are published on time and not available to the public before they are published. The other website is translated into 11 languages where each language represents the countries where Jeeves has got local partners. Each partner has a login and can maintain their content themselves. The front page content is fully controlled by the editors.

"In May 2010 we launched a new website which we have worked with very intensively since the beginning of this year. With the new website, we now have simple management of press releases, more multimedia plus a powerful and easy to use system for multilingual management for the local partner sites. During the whole development process cooperated closely with Valentine Web Systems who showed strong commitment and have been very helpful. Sasha and Per at Valentine have got enormous knowledge, are creative and will not give up until they find the best solution. They have the ability to combine their technical know-how with a good understanding of customer needs.

Thank you for a great job!"
Cecilia Kullberg
Jeeves Information Systems

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