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Plone 4 – The future looks really great

by Sasha Vinčić May 14, 2009 12:10 PM
A virtual report from Sorrento
Plone 4 – The future looks really great

European Plone Symposium 2009 - Sorrento

Want to know what’s going on inside the head of a happy Plone user? Now, this is your chance of a lifetime to do that. Netsight is twittering directly from the European Plone Symposium 2009 which is held in Sorrento, Italy this week. Imagine seven days of nothing but ”Ploning” in three different levels: Training sessions, symposiums and sprints. It has to be next door to heaven for a Plone fanatic. 

You’re most welcome to follow Netsights everyday instant reports on Twitter at How about these excited Twitter comments from the European Symposium 2009: ”Just seen 30 second demo of Plone tiles and editing UI for new plone. Wow! Blown away at just how cool it is, really looking forward to it… Missed Underscore meetup :( In Sorrento for Plone Symposium :D Life is good… Plone 4 to be released in 2009, smaller subset of features than originally planned, but bringing cool stuff sooner.”

Netsight is continuously giving you more virtual comments and reports from beutiful Sorrento as the Plone Symposium proceeds throughout this week. Keep close to it at Twitter.

Even if we enviously follow the Big Event in Sorrento, sadly knowing that we couldn't be there this time, we make sure that our dear company Valentine Web Systems always catch up with the latest news about Plone and also secure that all our costumers are well equipped and prepared for the future to come.

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