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So many good speakers at the Plone Conference 2007 and so little time

by Sasha Vinčić Oct 07, 2007 02:40 PM

Time for the annual Plone Conference and I must say I am very happy to see how the preparations are done. Looks like we will have a great conference and probably the largest one. Two days before the trip I looked through the agenda and as always it's hard to choose. First day we have Joel Burton's Building a humane CMS for Plone: updated tutorial and Martin Aspeli's Extending and Customising Plone 3 that are colliding. I am really interested to hear what Alexander Limi has learned at Google, so Simple and effective techniques for better usability is booked. If I choose Joel's talk I'll probably visit Geir Bækholt's Portlets in Plone 3. On the second day I can recommend the talk about the foundation by Paul Everitt but I am also very interested in Duco Dokter's Plone for the enterprise market: technical musing on caching, Clustering and Single Sign-On since this is the knowledge we need for big sites with Plone.

I'll probably end up changing my mind several times during the days and one or two regrets missing some talks but I hope it will be a nice time like all other conferences and a chance to meet friends.

Oh one more thing don't forget board nominations if you know anyone that should be on the board, even your self. Last day tomorrow Monday.

See you at the conference.


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