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Sprinting - Agile Development and Amazing Ways to Learn

by Sasha Vinčić Aug 10, 2009 12:30 PM
Bristol Balloon Sprint, a great and intense sprint, is now over. Large file (blob) handling, performance benchmarking tests, automatic XHTML validation test, TinyMCE integration and much more work was done.
Sprinting - Agile Development and Amazing Ways to Learn

Bristol Balloon Sprint 2009

Me, Sasha Vinčić(twitter), and Per Thulin(twitter) had an amazing time. This was Per's first sprint and he says it was everything he expected from what I have told him :) Over 20 people met up in Bristol to improve Plone CMS and have fun during the Balloon fiesta.

Performance testing and benchmarking

I worked with Tom Lazar, Alan Hoey and Matthew Wilkes on plone performance testing and benchmarking with funkload.  We continued on the collective.funkload by Ross Patterson and added a recipe collective.recipe.funkload wich is a convinient recipe to add funkload to your buildout. With funkload you can then run tests, benchmark and create reports from the results to see how the performance changes. Andreas Zeidler showed me mr.ripley which takes a normal log in combined form and replays it against the domain url you tell it too. This can be used to test new configurations of same buildout or to warm up a site after restart so objects get cached. I then realized this can be used to create funkload tests and use them for benchmarking a site with real life traffic patterns. I added the proxy functionality to mr.ripley (not in svn as of writing) and run the replay through funkload recorder proxy and wola we have tests from real traffic.   

TinyMCE replacing Kupu in Plone

Per worked with Ben Mason, James Guest and Owen Curtis-Quick on the TinyMCE track in order to improve the integration with Plone, especially with regard to inserting images. This involved both working out ways to provide available image size dimensions that have been configured to the specific content type, and making the user interface more consistent with the rest of Plone. TinyMCE is the content editor that will be used in future versions of Plone, and a big reason for that is that it produces clean and valid markup. Therefore, another important fix that was done was to add some missing attributes on the image tag being produced. Rob, the maintainer of Products.TinyMCE happily reports that all this work has been merged into trunk and thus will become part of the next release of Products.TinyMCE!

XHTML validation, transmogrifier, 64bit acquisition and much more

I just want to mention some other topics that were worked on during the sprint. XHTML validation through automatic testing, you can write tests to validate your markup. This is important for tools like Deliverance.

Hanno Schlichting worked on some deep stuff like fixing C code for acquisition on 64 bits machines. There was bugfixes for LinguaPlone and release of transmogrifier which is a powerful transformer. Formgen, override skin templates/scripts with view... and probably some things I have missed.

A great sprint organized by TeamRubber in Bristol!
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