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The shoemakers kid has got new shoes – Plone 3.2 with a blog

by Sasha Vinčić Feb 08, 2011 08:38 PM
Plone, a CMS with the best security history of them all and linguistic management, is now up to proof on our web site linked to a blog. The shoemakers kids has got new shoes – Plone 3.2 with a blog.

We´ve spent the last nine years working a lot with web sites like EEA – European Environment Agency and Jeeves and we´ve got to learn so many good things when it comes to multilingual web sites. So far we´ve just written in technical English on our web site but from now on we would like to proceed and explain to you all why Plone is the most secure CMS and one of the best multilingual working tools.

First of all: Let´s all realize the fact that thousands of happy and satisfied users all over the world all states the same: Plone rules the world! Plone is the most powerful and easy-to-use CMS there is. It´s easy to install, use and extend. Plone lets non-technical people create and maintain information using only a web browser. It´s as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Ordinary people and big companies from all over the world has discovered all the great possibilities about Plone. Many of them are more than just rookies. We´re talking about really big guys like Amnesty International, the Government and the Parliament in Brazil, NASA, Nokia and a big number of universities and museums around the world. As we are long time Plone users we do feel honored to be a part of such a noble society.

Handling many different languages on a web site or a blog demands capability by the system. There are no written rules about what´s right or wrong. Please take a look at these two web sites and you´ll see what we mean.

The multilinguality of Plone is very flexible and creates new possibilities for you as a user to handle the cases when it comes to simple interpretations of the whole web site or complex lingual combinations where only some specific parts are interpreted. This means for example navigation that works in every level without bothering the user and interpreted tags that still means the same.

In handling big web sites like EEA automatic transportation is used for all material that needs to be interpreted or updated. The stuff is sent for interpretation and after that imported with a simple drag-n-drop funktion. According to our knowledge there are no other system that manage to do that!

Are you curious about Plone you might surf in to All the needed info about Plone and all the latest updating info are to be found there. Are you looking for blogs and comments by Plone users you might as well visit Twitter is another source for info about Plone. is where we share our experiences about Plone. If you´re in to statistics please don´t forget to visit the statistic blog about Plone.

Documented security holesWhen it comes to security there are no other system that can beat Plone. Plone had 10 security holes in a statistic comparison where, for example, Wordpress had 162 security holes, Joomla 324 and the language PHP as many as 9869 documented security holes compared to 65 in the language Python that Plone is written in.

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