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When we made internet history on Tjärö island

by Sasha Vinčić Aug 31, 2009 09:48 PM
Tjärö island was throughout a weekend in August the scene for something that more or less could be described as a gigantic come together party for business people within the internet world. More than 250 persons gathered on the small island to spend some time with each other and to share experiences about Social Web.
When we made internet history on Tjärö island

Tjärö is a small and idyllic island in the Karlshamn archipelago in the Swedish southern region of Blekinge. The island is own by the Swedish Tourism Foundation and is for example equipped with a youth hostel, a camping ground, a restaurant and conference facilities. In other words: Most of the things that are needed for an IT sprint with a big gang of happy geeks.

This was how the stage looked like when Tomas Wennström invited some of his friends to a meeting throughout August 21-23, where he expected 10 people at the most to show up. Well, he ended up facing a giant looking interest from people from everywhere to join the party. 286 persons from all the Nordic countries took the boat from Karlshamn to Tjärö to attend Sweden Social Web Camp 2009, as the sprint was called. Sasha Vinčić from Valentine Web Systems was one of them. Valentine Web Systems was, by the way, one of the sponsors of the event.
Sweden Social Web Camp
The main idea behind Sweden Social Web Camp (SSWC) was to give hard working internet geeks from different places a chance to join up and enjoy some nice time together. Just to get a voice and a face on some of them who nowadays turn up on Twitter and other social forums on internet was gold worth. The fact that people from Norway, Finland and Denmark also showed up gave the event a border crossing touch.

The sprint on Tjärö was not only about party and glamour but most of all a brainstorming society where everyone could share experiences and know how about Social Web. The scheduled sessions where the web people could share this valuable stuff with each other were very crowded. Dinner, brunch and peaceful moments by the camp fire were other opportunities for deep, thoughtful and friendly conversations

The aftertaste for every attendant of SSWC has been like enjoying a tasty candy bar. A sprint like this creates everlasting bounds of friendship and the words of joy and appreciation has been numerous after SSWC. Everyone agrees about the thought that this is far from a one hit wonder.

Says Tomas Wennström, the man behind SSWC: “I think we made internet history on Tjärö island.” You can´t describe it better than that.

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