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INCF: Upgrade our site to Plone 4.1 in one week

by Sasha Vinčić Aug 18, 2011 09:49 PM
INCF International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility needed a new Plone provider. They didn't just take our word for it but straight away gave us the challenge to upgrade their site to Plone 4.1. We had never seen their site before, but we accepted the challenge.
INCF: Upgrade our site to Plone 4.1 in one week

International Neuroinformatics Coordination Facility

Upgrade to Plone 4.1

That was about all they said to us during our first meeting, and they finished by saying that we have 40 hours to do it. They wanted us to take their Plone 3 site which we had never touched and uppgrade it to Plone 4.1 in one week.(Swedish) From our experience we knew that this would be a very difficult challenge to pull off. They said: Surprise us!

We accepted the challenge

We didn't, however, need to start from the beginning. They already had a buildout with an upgrade to Plone 4 which they had already started. In the end we managed to surpass both our and their expectations with flying colours. We had a working Plone 4.1 site up and running after one week!

We deliver Plone services to INCF

INCF were satisfied(Swedish) and decided to continue with our collaboration. We want to thank INCF for their confidence, and to also take the opportunity to thank Metamatrix for letting us be a subcontractor of Plone services.

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