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Plone 4 theming with Diazo is simple

by Sasha Vinčić Jan 19, 2011 09:05 AM
XDV/Diazo themeing is very fun and very easy with collective.xdv. We upgrade our website to Plone 4 within couple days.
Plone 4 theming with Diazo is simple

Valentine Web Systems on iPhone

Diazo theming is fast

We recently started an upgrade to Plone 4 of our website. After few days everything was done except the theme. To avoid delays and get our website up and running as fast as possible we decided to go with XDV/Diazo since we already used it for a python e-commerce and Plone with a shop. We took our old theme and converted it to a static html/css and applied some simple rules. Within couple hours we had a Diazo theme that looked the same as before but we did manage to add some mobile css.


Lessframework - CSS3 and HTML5

To learn some CSS3 and mobile skinning we tried out the Lessframework

project. A simple CSS3 and HTML5 project that shows you how to define different stylesheets for different resolutions.We also looked at mFabrik but it didn't fit our timeschedule this time.


Diazo/XDV is getting adopted

We wanted to write more about how we did the theming here but beat us so we'll just link to them :)


Time to rethink the web

After reading the excellent presentation by Bryan Rieger. We already know what other steps we need to do to make our website mobile friendly. This presentation tells us that the mobile internet is much bigger then iPhone and Android, it definitely convinced me that my argument "the other mobile users do not use internet" is wrong so our ecommerce solutions will be ready for the mobile industry.


Do you want Plone 4 site or a mobile solution?

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