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Plone conference with Django and Pyramid

by Sasha Vinčić Jul 31, 2011 10:08 PM
This year the Plone conference will be held in San Francisco and there are only 400 tickets available so make sure you book your ticket now! This year the conference will deal with related technology track, like Pyramid and Django.
Plone conference with Django and Pyramid

Plone Conference 2011 - San Francisco

Plone – CMS for web

Plone was released nine years ago, and it was the most secure, beautiful NoSQL CMS and the only one available to that date. Today it is still beautiful, fast and the most secure web CMS. It is going to be very interesting to hear about the plans for Plone, with exciting elements such as Deco and Diazo.

Pyramid – Django

Many Plone developers are using the Pyramid/Django frameworks to create advanced products online; this year there will be a related technology track and I heard that Daniel Greenfeld will talk about Django. Paul Evert is also giving a lecture on Pyramid for humans.

Multilingual sites

If accepted, I for one will give a talk about managing multilingual sites with caveats and tips. It is a non-technical talk which I also gave in 2009 and 2010 which presents use cases from multilingual sites and possible solutions to them. If you have any tips to improve the talk, add a comment or send an email to me.

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