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Plone is the most secure CMS

by Sasha Vinčić Jul 22, 2011 02:09 PM
Again statistics show how secure Plone is. Plone has during the last 5 years been the most secure CMS and today it showed how a vulnerability should be handled.
Plone is the most secure CMS

Most secure open source CMS

Plone has proven to be secure before and updated statistics from the CVE database show that Plone is still the most secure CMS. Bellow we see the last five years of statistics and I let them speak for themselves.




CMS vulnerabilities

CMS 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Drupal 39 37 107 126 44

Joomla 72 66 66 76 95

Plone 3 1 6 1 1

Wordpress 18 63 66 27 13

Plone vulnerability process

Plone is secure but still it has not managed to have zero security issues one year and probably nobody will manage that but there is a big difference on how to handle the found vulnerabilities. Today was the big patch Tuesday or ploneaggedon like some called it on twitter. Even with vulnerability like this Plone shows that is is mature and has a process for handling them. The security team announced the upcoming patch one week in advanced before the patch and details were made public. This gave all the Plone companies possibility to plan upgrade and downtime for their customers. Great work security team and sweet dreams.


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