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New design for Jeeves Information Systems AB

by ovelius Aug 10, 2012 08:07 AM
In mid-June, we launched the new site who has a new visual identity and logo. In return for the good cooperation we received this bottle of champagne.
New design for Jeeves Information Systems AB

Now it's released - Jeeves new website that we developed together with our subcontractors After 5 years of delivering several sites to Jeeves we implemented their new visual identity. The site has Plone hosting from Valentine. Watch it on Champagne must be a sign that Jeeves is satisfied. So are we.

Jeeves Information Systems has Valentine Plone hosting

by Sasha Vinčić Jan 09, 2012 10:28 PM
Yesterday we started our Plone hosting by going live with Our goal is to be a complete Plone service provider, with everything from design and implementation to hosting and maintenance.
Jeeves Information Systems has Valentine Plone hosting

Plone is the best open source CMS

Plone hosting

Recently several cheap Plone hosting alternatives have made their way out on the market, and one of the better we like is Ploud, which is incredible fast and beautiful. We may start our own soon, just need to talk to Alan about licensing the code first :) There are manyPlone hosting providers listed, and starting yesterday we are one too! We now host the Plone sites of Jeeves Information Systems. Our hosting is, for now, aimed for customers who want a full Plone service provider.

Plone hosting to scale

Our hosting is a mix of normal servers and cloud based on Amazon. You as a customer can decide how much you need in order to have your site up and going. We combine the cloud option with normal hosting so you can get extra resources when you need them. Our servers are spread all over the world and located in different data centers by several different companies. This way we can make sure that we always have some servers up somewhere. For more information contact Sasha Vincic.

Is cheap Plone hosting what Plone needs?

Cheap Plone hosting will attract new types of users. Plone's upgrade history hasn't been pretty, as most Plone sites are large and have a lot of custom code. This is a problem that also exists in Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress and other systems that are growing; but in controlled environment like and users get a great experience since the hoster controls what is available. We think this is a good way of showing users what is available and making them start using Plone. Maybe we'll start our own Ploud :) We might if it will benefit Plone and the community. What do you think?