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Do you want safe e-commerce?

by Sasha Vinčić Jul 22, 2011 02:42 PM
What is safe e-commerce to you? Is it safe storage of card and password information, an honest deal or high security online? How do you know that's what you get?
Do you want safe e-commerce?

Safe e-commerce

We define safe e-commerce as "a digital financial transaction where the sender and recipient both can feel safe". This means that the shop knows that the vital client information they handle can't fall into the wrong hands through unauthorised access to computer systems. Moreover, the end client can feel safe in the fact that the shop handles the information with the highest level of security possible.

Big systems built on sandmark

The popular and big systems Magento and osCommerce are built on the sandmark PHP. Independent of how skilled the programmers are, and how big the systems are, it is impossible to disregard the fact that PHP is the language that has the most security gaps. Google built everything based on solid grounds, and for the exact same reason we use Python.

We create safe solutions based on safe systems

In order to guarantee safe e-commerce solutions we work with Plone and Python. That makes it possible for us to avoid the security risks connected to other systems, and to focus on developing nice and profitable web shops that fit our clients' needs. We build solutions for the future and our goal is to always be one step ahead with security.

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